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Blog 2: I already screwed up.

Welp, it already happened. I screwed up. I was supposed to post this two days ago, but whatever. It’s been a busy week. if you end up reading a lot…


Blog 1: My New Schedule

I am an unorganized man. A very, very unorganized man. Inside my mind exists true chaos, constant and opposing momentums, mindlessly demanding my time. Such it is for many entrepreneurs….

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The Importance of Tradition for Entrepreneurs

This post is overdue, but better late than ever. It goes back to Thanksgiving, 2015, last year, months ago- but a very busy time for my business. For many online…


Merge Asian Fusion in Flint

Merge is a new Asian Fusion place in Flint- they share a kitchen with Table and Tap and the Flint Crepe Co and are owned by the same entity that…


B Dog in Flint

I grew up working in a hot dog resteraunt so they’ve always been something I enjoy trying when in a new area. Coney Island may be in New York, but…


Lunch at Detroit Institute of Bagels

I’m infatuated with the idea of a actual Bagel Institute. Despite my frequent detest of high education, I am compelled to believe an academic structure devoted towards bagels would only…


MaMang Pho in Flint, Michigan: My Meal

I work in Flint. It is where I was born and it is where I grew up and, currently, it is where my warehouse for bocandy is. Flint has a…

how to hire a va

How to Hire a Virtual Assistant (Walkthrough)

In my writings on this blog, I often refer to hiring a virtual assistant. I’ve used VAs for PR and SEO, doing things like blogger outreach, commenting on similar blog…

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$2500 profit in 48 hours with no ad spend on a brand new website. Here is the timeline.

A lot of entrepreneurship is about being in the right place at the right time. You can’t really impact the timing of things, but you can certainly move yourself to…

250 tools every startup needs

250 tools every startup needs

TweetDeck This is a web tool which helps a user to manage and post to one’s social networking pages or profiles. Before Twitter acquired TweetDeck, it used to work with…