google sheets ebay keyword density

Google Sheets Formula for Keyword Density in Cells

Today, walking through my local salvation army, I saw that coffee mugs were 2 for $1. “Holy shit”, I thought, “I can make some money off that”. I’ve learned to…


50 Best Subscription Box Ideas for 2016

If you’ve read my blog before or followed me on twitter, you know that I own several subscription box businesses. Initially starting in 2014, Bocandy, which I founded, was the…


Ainste Wallets

A week or so ago I was lucky enough to get two wallets sent to me from Ainste. Ainste specialized in slim and minimalistic wallets, as you can see below….

scrape yellow pages for emails

How I Scrape Emails for Business Leads

I just posted a blog post/video¬†about how I made $5000 last weekend and, in both, I mentioned scraping for emails. It’s not a totally automated process, but its automated enough…

how to make money fast

Blog 4: How to Make 5000 Dollars in a Weekend

Whoa, way late. Way, way late. According to my schedule, I will be posting another blog post in 2 days. Ugh. A lot has happened since the last post went…

HuMn MIni carbon fiber wallet

HuMn Wallet Mini Carbon Fiber Review

In my quest for minimalism, I decided I needed a new wallet. I know what you’re thinking, getting new shit isn’t very minimalistic, but give me a break, I’m gonna…

hart plaza detroit view

Blog 3: The Importance of Humanity for the Introspective Entrepreneur

Only a day late this time. Getting better. That’s all I can ask. I went to Movement this weekend. It’s a big electronic music festival. I can only stand those…

getting work done in a coffee shop

Blog 2: I already screwed up.

Welp, it already happened. I screwed up. I was supposed to post this two days ago, but whatever. It’s been a busy week. if you end up reading a lot…


Blog 1: My New Schedule

I am an unorganized man. A very, very unorganized man. Inside my mind exists true chaos, constant and opposing momentums, mindlessly demanding my time. Such it is for many entrepreneurs….

black caviar on water wafer

The Importance of Tradition for Entrepreneurs

This post is overdue, but better late than ever. It goes back to Thanksgiving, 2015, last year, months ago- but a very busy time for my business. For many online…