10 Tips to Get 10000 Twitter Followers

tips to get more twitter followers

10 Tips to Get 10000 Twitter Followers

As of writing this, I have about 60,000 followers on twitter. That is noticeably higher than the average user and, for someone who has never had any PR budget or been the subject of a national TV series, is a pretty good number. Two of the most common questions I am asked are “how did you do it?” and “how can I do it?” and, really the answer to the pair of queries is the same. Anyone can do what I did, it doesn’t demand a large time commitment, just the ability to consistently post and be a little clever. Here are my 10 tips that will get you to 10,000 followers.


1. Tweet With Voice

Twitter, in it’s purest form, is a microblogging platform. Lots of companies, big and small, are using Twitter as an avenue for customer service, but that doesn’t necessarily gain you followers. Let people know there is a human behind the handle. Let them relate.


2. Use Pictures

A few months ago, Twitter updated it’s method of showing tweets with pictures hosted through the pic.twitter.com domain. It creates a preview of the picture on one’s timeline and exponentially increases the rate at which people interact. I’ve seen my own personal posts enjoy as much as a 10x increase in views as a result of using a picture in the post. Humans are visual creatures, take advantage of that.


3. Use a Third Party App to Manage Followers

You know the best way to get a few easy followers? Follow people who would already be interested in what you have to say. There are tons of third-party apps that can manage this for you. I use ManageFlitter, which allows me to see when my followers are most active, but also easily follow and unfollow people based on interest and keyword.


4. Customize Your Look

People need to know that what you offer is something they cannot get anywhere else. This means you need to customize all that you can. Get your own special twitter icon, create a background for your timeline page, and upload a banner that lets people know they’ve gotten somewhere unlike anywhere else.


5. Don’t Just Post Links

Post content. As mentioned before, you need to tweet with voice but this is so important, I feel the need to reiterate. Don’t just post links, you’ll look spammy and people will feel no reason to click on the, no matter how cool the page they link to is.


6. Have a Positive Follower Ratio

You want to be following less people than follow you. It seems silly, but there are tons of automated scripts out there that dictate who will be followed and unfollowed, and one of the most common (arbitrary) methods of deciding who to unfollow is that the account has a follower ratio of less than one.


7. Tell People About Your Account

Twitter is great, but lots of people who have accounts don’t actively seek out new profiles to follow, even if they might already know the company or person behind it. Be sure to put your twitter name in all of your marketing material. At the bottom of newsletters, in your email signature, even on your business card– whatever it is, you need to do all that you reasonably can to increase your online exposure.


8. Retweet Relevant Content

If you read a tweet posted by someone that pertains to your industry or interests, retweet it. Clout isn’t a zero-sum game, and if you show people you are interested in engaging with them, they will be more apt to engage with you.


9. Invest in Promoted Tweets

This is an obvious one and I almost am hesitant to use it because I believe there are better, free ways of getting lots of followers, but, the truth remains, if you pay to be in front of tons of people, some of them will stick.


10. Stay Consistent

This is extremely important! I saved it for last because, out of everything you do, you need to do this. Tweet everyday during the same peak hours (8am-9pm according to HootSuite). You don’t have to be glued to your phone or computer either, awesome websites like the aforementioned HootSuite.com allow you to schedule tweets ahead of time.

If you follow these 10 easy rules, you will have 10,000 followers by no time. It took me about 6 months to get my first 10k and then gaining an additional 10k every 100-125 days after that. If you own a business and do not feel you have time to do this, there are plenty of marketing/social media firms who will manage your social presence for you, including myself. To contact me about rates, email me at w.b.knoblock@gmail.com

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