5 Things You’re Doing That DEMOLISH Your Net Profit on Ebay

Ebay is getting more and more popular- just take a search URL (sega genesis games) for example, put in in the wayback machine, and check how many more listings there are now than there were five years ago. One could say that the number of buyers has equally increased as well- both valid observations. The best way to make any changes moot, however, if by following these 5 easily over looked steps that will maximize your proits:


  1. Weigh your items. I cannot stress this enough. Never underestimate how much it will cost to mail something and how far away your buyer might be. Nothing worse than paying $19 to ship a $25 pair of timberland boots.
  2. Use a shipping program that will offer cubic commercial. I use shipstation. it saves a ton on small, heavy items.
  3. Use keywords. Keywords, keywords, keywords. That is how people find shit on ebay. They type in what they want (or an idea of what they want) and they they are inundated with options- you want to be at the top of that list. SEO matters on eBay just like it matters on YouTube or Google.
  4. Take Good Pics. For god sakes, no fingers in the shot plz.
  5. Check completed listings! You might think you have found a super rare and expensive item at a garage sale but it costs $20- do you pop? No, not until you look up complete listings in eBay first. That is the ultimate eBay hack, IMO.

Here’s the video below if you want to see me speak it.

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