Liquidation Full Review eBay Price Lookup link — I received a free shipment from Bluelots specializes in selling overstock and store return items, in this video, I chose to get a shipment of EMU shoes. I am going to sell these on Amazon, however, as most are not ungated to sell shoes on Amazon, I went ahead and showed what the profit and sale time would be like on ebay. The results weren’t terrible, but not stellar either. Because these were mostly sandals, I don’t think they are likely to sell until next spring/summer, of maybe spring break. The total cost of the lot was @$229 which came out to about $21 per pair of shoes that I could sell (I excluded one pair because they were unsellable condition). From that, I estimate that, in 6 months, you could realistically make $350 after shipping and fees, coming out to approx $120 investment on $230, or just over 50% ROI. Not terrible, but not something I will actively be pursing. My link above is an affiliate link and I’ll get money if you make a purchase using it. Liquidation Full Review eBay Price Lookup

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