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A week or so ago I was lucky enough to get two wallets sent to me from Ainste. Ainste specialized in slim and minimalistic wallets, as you can see below. The two version i received are very different. On top, I’ve got a copy of the Small Evan Wallet, on the bottom a black leather Tiaga wallet. Although the Small Evan is smaller than the black fold, the fold wallet takes up less space in my pocket. Between the two, I prefer the outline and profile of the black fold.


Here’s the Small Evan opened up- you can see, it’s small strip of leather held together by an elastic band. The band says “Ainste” on it and is meant to keep bills and cards in. For the minimalist with a little pocket space, this is a good look. It’s just a little too bulky for my thighs.


The wallet, put together. I like black more than white, especially when on top of the brown leather.


Out of both, I really prefer this wallet more. I don’t mean to talk badly about the Small Evan because its sturdy and well-made, this is just more my style. The black Tiaga leather is very bold and, although this wallet isn’t RFID protected, it still has a great enough look to it that I would definitely cycle it into my every day carry.

Here’s the inside of the wallet, very trim, very close together, this wallet is great for some cash and a few cards. This wallet lacks in space but, as a minimalistic wallet should be, it encourages that one only carries the most important accessories and implements.


Thanks again to Ainste wallets for sending me these! They’re a young company and, if you love craftsmanship, you would do well to check them out!


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