Blog 2: I already screwed up.

getting work done in a coffee shop

Welp, it already happened. I screwed up. I was supposed to post this two days ago, but whatever. It’s been a busy week. if you end up reading a lot of these, you’re going to realize that I make A LOT of mistakes. That’s not a big deal, for me at least.

This week was pretty crazy- I went to Chicago for the Sweets and Snacks expo and had a fun time. I love Chicago. I’m thinking about moving there. Detroit feels so small lately. I’ve been saying that a lot. Chicago was great. I want to be more creative. There’s options for that there. The expo was great, too. I met a bunch of new importers and manufacturers. That’s the hardest part for my distributions businesses; keeping fresh and new products is what we live and die by. It also makes me happy that many of these businesses are primarily in the MIdwest. is am example of what I want Bocandy to become- but those assholes focus 90% of their efforts on NYC and West Coast Products. The Midwest is a gurgling cauldron of creativity. It’s all the angst. I don’t trust angst from the West Coast. What do they have to be angst about? Beaches? 65 degree Winter? Not buying it. I linked up with some really cool Midwest companies like Think Jerky, who I will be featuring in Bojerky, and Get Up and Go Cookie, a company born in Ann Arbor.

I also ended up going to Krak Distributions in Bensenville, IL. It’s about 18 miles northwest of Chicago City and I had just ordered a pallet of candy form them so, rather than spend $400 to freight it to my warehouse, I just crammed it all in the back of my Subaru Forester. I’ll never be too good to save a couple hundred bucks, plus facetime with importers in invaluable. I talked to Monica, the heir to the company, and was able to get a much better understanding of the types of products the source and the timeline for which is it sourced.

I’m now in Grand Rapids at Mayan Buzz Cafe on Cherry Street across from Founder’s Brewery. I’ll stop in for a beer after I post this. I has to pickup 10 cases of stroopwafels from Holland American Importers here. I kind of like being on the road like this. It’s a good excuse to roll down the windows and feel sunshine. I need that. I live in a dungeon now. It’s a nice dungeon, but a dungeon none the less. I need a change of scenery. Something brighter. Somewhere with more room to grow.

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