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how to make money fast

Blog 4: How to Make 5000 Dollars in a Weekend

Whoa, way late. Way, way late. According to my schedule, I will be posting another blog post in 2 days. Ugh. A lot has happened since the last post went…

hart plaza detroit view

Blog 3: The Importance of Humanity for the Introspective Entrepreneur

Only a day late this time. Getting better. That’s all I can ask. I went to Movement this weekend. It’s a big electronic music festival. I can only stand those…

getting work done in a coffee shop

Blog 2: I already screwed up.

Welp, it already happened. I screwed up. I was supposed to post this two days ago, but whatever. It’s been a busy week. if you end up reading a lot…

Blog 1: My New Schedule

I am an unorganized man. A very, very unorganized man. Inside my mind exists true chaos, constant and opposing momentums, mindlessly demanding my time. Such it is for many entrepreneurs….