HuMn Wallet Mini Carbon Fiber Review

HuMn MIni carbon fiber wallet

In my quest for minimalism, I decided I needed a new wallet. I know what you’re thinking, getting new shit isn’t very minimalistic, but give me a break, I’m gonna be transitioning out all my old junk. I reached out to HuMn and they were kind enough to send me a really sick carbon fiber mini wallet to review!

The HuMn MIni works more like a card clamp than a classic wallet- the two plates are 6061 Aluminum (which should be good enough for you, considering they use it on planes), and have a carbon fiber exterior which blocks RFID thieves from using the chips in your credit cards to steal sensitive information. The red elastic exterior band pins the plates together, making sure your cards are snug inside it. You can also put paper currency (or anything paper, really) between the elastic band and the exterior of the carbon fiber plate. This model was coated with Cerakote, which is a powder coating that makes is extremely durable and scratch free.
HuMn MIni Carbon Fiber Wallet RedHere’s a link to this specific mini wallet. As you can see, it retails for $99, which is definitely worth it, IMO, considering how much money and stress losing the kind of info this wallet blocks thieves from obtaining.

This model wallet holds up to 6 cards in the interior & plenty more room on the 2 exterior compartments.
*Expansion plate will add another interior compartment for an additional 4-5 cards
*Suggest keeping the # of cards in each interior compartment about the same to even out.

Width: 3.80″ (96.52mm)

Height: 2.53″ (64.26mm)

Thickness per 2 plate wallet: 0.10″ (2.54mm)


I also did a video review of this wallet- check it out here

Screen Shot 2016-06-06 at 4.34.20 PM

video review of HuMn carbon fiber mini wallet

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