Is Reselling/Scalping Unethical?

Recently, I purchased a large amount of 20th edition tamagotchis with the intention of reselling them for a relatively large profit. I posted the video on my channel as an informational asset to everyone, like myself, who wishes to have more control over their wealth and happiness. But it did nooooot end there. The video was found by a tamagotchi community (yes, they exist) and they became very, very upset with me. I didn’t particularly care but I know that many resellers struggle with this sort of (anonymous) criticism so I wanted to make a video giving my take on it. The basic idea is that: 1. I don’t resell items that, in their absence, would seriously harm one’s life or their progress. So, no water during natural disasters, no diapers, etc… 2. I own this garbage. I can give it away for free of I can sell it for a million dollars. As soon as you begin to erode away property rights the ability for an economy to function and grow becomes SERIOUSLY inhibited. 3. Nobody is making you buy them. You don’t have to buy my stupid tamagotchis. I’m not making you. You won’t get arrested if you don’t have one hanging from your keychain. Let me know what you think! Here is the original video that started this mess:


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