Blog 1: My New Schedule


I am an unorganized man. A very, very unorganized man. Inside my mind exists true chaos, constant and opposing momentums, mindlessly demanding my time. Such it is for many entrepreneurs. Such it is for many artists. Such it is for many who deny the coil of corporatocracy. I don’t see anything inherently wrong with a 9-5 job, I just can’t do it, and this is surely more indicative of my life than the entity itself. However, much as the lethalness of a bullet comes from the concerted effort from a barrel, my life, too, needs direction. It has a bit of it. In my younger years, I was notoriously non-committal. I transferred college 6 times. 6 times. I transferred more than once a year. And my degree is absolute bullshit; thanks EMU. But, still, in the past years, I’ve published a book that’s sold thousands of copies¬†with no zero money invested, created a line of merchandise that’s placed in over a hundred Midwest stores, and build up a product subscription business valued at hundreds of thousands of dollars- maybe even a million if I flattered some french-cuff wearing VC tyrant. Still, I recognize that my life lacks stability, at least in a comparative sense (to those whom are more successful than I) and so I need structure. I’ve slowly been phasing this in. Over the past three weeks, I’ve been vlogging daily.

Vlogging every day might not sound like something that is important, but it is to me. It creates a standard in my life. It drives me to try and do something (or at least say something) uniquely interesting every day. I’m also going to be blogging on here every Wednesday. It is going to be tough, I think. I’ve had struggles with motivations, be it because of mental of physical health, but if I can stay active, both of body and brain, I feel comfortable committing to it. I’ve also made some new hires for Bocandy, LLC and, now that they’re trained, I should have more free time to devote to personal growth.

My daily schedule is another monster. I’m up notoriously late. It’s far too easy to fall into a cycle of going to bed at 5 or 6 am and then not waking up till noon or even later. I need to stop this, or at least curb the edge. Unfortunately, the world, in large, stops working at 5 am. By not waking up till lunch, I’m missing out on tons of productivity. My new goal is to wakeup by 10 every morning. This might not sound adventurous to you, but, for me, it is a push. A reach. Here’s to goals!

In regards to my daily schedule of tasks, that is not so easily planned out. Every month, I only need to make sure a few things happen: products get ordered, products get shipped, and check out online analytics. Beyond that, its up in the air. Maybe one month I want to focus on link building. Maybe another a website redesign (which is what I’m currently doing). I don’t think this will be an issue- if I’m working, the past has shown that it will be beneficial- its just a matter of getting into that productive mindset.

So here it is- the first of many Wednesday blog posts. Maybe I will think of a clever name for it. Maybe not. Either way, it will become a foundational aspect of my life. Hopefully.

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