How I Scrape Emails for Business Leads

I just posted a blog post/video about how I made $5000 last weekend and, in both, I mentioned scraping for emails. It’s not a totally automated process, but its automated enough where, with three button clicks, you can get essentially an unlimited amount of leads.


First off, you need to install scraper from It is a plugin for your browser that will help with the process. I’m using Google Chrome for this.

scrape similar google chrome

When that is installed, go to and search the type of business you want to find. I will do “Coffee Shops near Detroit, MI”.  When you are here, highlight the term you want to scrape (in this case, the URL of the individual listing) and open the mouse command screen. This is control + click on a mac.

open mouse command list

Click “scrape similar” and this window will pop up.

scrape yellow pages for emails

Copy to clipboard (bottom right corner) and then paste the file in a spread sheet. Add “” do the beginning of ever URL string in the right column, and you’ve got a list of every yellowpage listing on the website. Once you have that list, you can easily automate the scraping using a program like, scrapebox, or hire a freelancer to do it on


Boom- there you have it. The ultimate business development funnel. Figure out what you’re going to sell, get a market, find contact info in that market. Rinse, wash. repeat.



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