Write for WBK.com

Are you a freelance writer? Do you have a passion for digital marketing and entrepreneurship?

Then I want you to write for WalterBlakeKnoblock.com.

I don’t just want you to write for my website– I’ll pay you to do it.

Your first article is only worth $25. I don’t want people who are looking for a quick buck– I want people who are invested in the cause. That’s why the second article is worth $50 more. And the third (and every article after that) is worth $125.

But I don’t let just anybody grace the website that wears my name… There’s a difficult application process.

It involves 3 steps, each a little bit trickier than the last.

Step 1: opt-in to this Freelancer Email List. When I have something I need written, this is the email list I put my call out on. You’ll get step 2 after you confirm your intent to be on the list.

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